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Zagreb Fair

February 13-17, 2013

a/ ZAGREB Boat Show
The 22nd edition of this business nautical event /fair/ in the region, we expect the world's manufacturers of ships, yachts, sailboats, powerboats, boats, watercraft, kayaks, inflatable boats, inboard and outboard engines, footwear, clothing, equipment and accessories for diving, fishing, sailing and other water sports. Its services will offer numerous Croatian marina, charter companies, shipyards, and schools, agencies, clubs, institutions and associations related to yachting and nautical tourism.

International Fair Crotour and its exhibition part, current professional and accompanying program, and entertainment for the general public is an important marketing tool for the presentation and offering tourist destinations and other services.

February 14-16, 2013.

a/ INGA-International Fair of Food, Drinks and Innovative Gastronomy
Inga is a fair designed to modern culinary knowledge and special needs of modern cuisine. Theme focuses on new nutritional knowledge and adapt technologies based on scientific and medical justified gastronomic quality.

International gastronomy fair, hotel and catering equipment and catering

Most outbound tourist countries recognized Croatia as a highly desirable destination.
Construction and equipping of new hotels, restaurants, and upgrading of existing tourist facilities, the promotion of distinctive cuisine, one of the strategic development guidelines of Croatian tourism.

March 01-03, 2013

international fair of cosmetics, accessories and equipment for salons

April 09-13

a/ CONSTRUCTION - International Fair of Construction and equipping
In recent years, this fair has proved to be the most important business event of the branch in Croatia and the region because it gathers the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of construction materials, equipment and machinery as well as numerous business leaders.

b/ International Fair - small and medium-sized enterprises
International Crafts Fair is the largest central business event for craftsmen, small and medium-sized enterprises in Croatia.
Long tradition of this fair has become an imperative for intensive business meeting producers, business people and direct customers in the industry.

c/ INTERKLIMA - International fair of heating, cooling, air conditioning and drinking water treatment
INTERKLIMA as the specialized fair has a long-standing tradition of biennial and successful organization, transformed into a leading regional fair of its kind and asserted itself as an imperative in the business calendar of leading domestic and international manufacturers of equipment for heating, cooling, air conditioning and drinking water treatment.

May 22-25, 2013

a/ INTEGRAFIKA - International Fair of Printing and Paper Industry
INTERGRAFIKA as biennial event brings together the world's major manufacturers of machinery, equipment and supplies for the printing industry and paper and paperboard, as well as auxiliary materials and finished products.

b/ MODERNPAK - International fair of packaging
Intended meeting of producers and consumers - users of packaging, MODERNPAK waist gathers with a mission to share knowledge and experience acquired in the field of manufacturing and application packaging and distribution of goods, while also presenting the latest trends and innovations in packaging technology as well as modern solutions for environmentally friendly packaging.

May 31 - June 02, 2013

a/ VINOVITA - this event is gathering place for producers and fans of the wine presentations, promotions and learn about the latest products, services and technologies that are on exclusive offer in this sector. Presentation of the diversity and quality of local wines as one of the important segments of the tourist offer;
- Presentation of wines and winemakers from neighboring countries;
- An organized sales and commemorative wine tasting exposed;
- Presentation of the winery and vineyard equipment;

September 19-22, 2013

a/ MYSTIC - International Fair of Alternative healthy living and the border areas of science
Mystic Fair, in addition to yoga, encompassing a variety of unconventional methods and therapies - natural, and spiritual energy, healthy food, organic farming, medicinal herbs and potions from herbs, apitherapy, dietary supplements and natural cosmetics, massage, feng shui, crystals , literature and much more...

October 01-04, 2013

a/ EKOTEHNO - international fair of eco-tehnologies environmental protection and utility equipment
AKOTEHNO as specialized business fair on environmental protection, this biennial fair is designed for manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for waste and water management, protection of soil and air, and utility vehicles and equipment.

b/ INTERPROTEX - International fair of full protection of persons and property
INTERPROTEX retain the idea of unifying the following areas:
SAFETY - Health and Safety and Fire Protection
SECURITY - technical, mechanical, and physical protection of data
Insurers and financial institutions

c/ ENERGETIKA - International Fair of energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy
The main goal of the fair:
- Demonstration of new technologies for the production, transmission and use of energy
- gathering in one place all trades, interested in performing energy activities and energy use
- stimulate the interest of local entrepreneurs in the development and manufacture of the energy sector
- exchange of technical and scientific experience
- education, increasing awareness of energy use and heat production, energy efficiency and energy saving measures

October 16-20, 2013

a/ AMBIENTA - International Fair of Furniture, Interior Decoration and Supporting Industry
AMBIENTA is important meeting place for manufacturers, traders, business people, professionals and the media - a place the entire supply and demand, and the business has a strong promotional impact.
AMBIENTA is increasingly important for the development of a culture of living in general, and the furniture manufacturers, assembles and exhibitors of products for interior decoration, manufacturers and traders of raw materials, tools and machinery for the woodworking industry.

November 12-17, 2013

a/ EDUCA - International fair of education, vocational training, human resource management and employment
EDUCA as the fair opens space for the presentation of the program to schools and colleges /universities of regular education, additional training (learning foreign languages??, IT education, vocational training, lifelong learning, professional business workshops and training), and for adult education programs and training for citizens - children, youth and adults including language schools, private and public higher education institutions, portals intended employment, publishers and literature, etc.

b/ INTERLIBER - International Book and Teaching Appliances Fair presents the publishing business and educational literature with the largest supply of books under a single roof.
Promotion, presentation, ATTRACTIONS
- Launching of new titles and editions
- Programs on the stage at the pavilion 6: panel discussions, meetings with writers, literary critics, literary workshops, presentation of publishing companies
- Professional meetings
- library day
- Book sales at bargain prices
- Children's workshop on stands

November 13-18, 2013

a/ Music and Multimedia Fair
This year's Music and Multimedia Fair will present a diverse global manufacturers that offer instruments, musical equipment and professional audio equipment such as the following brands:
Yamaha-Japan, Bosendorfer-Austria, Kemble-UK, Steinberg Germany, Beyerdynamic-Germany, John "S-China & Croatia, Lion Style-China, Hohner-Germany, Conn.-USA, Bach-USA, King-USA, Leblanc-USA, Prelude-China, Aristocrat-Taiwan & Vietnam, Scherl & Roth-USA, Armstrong-USA, Scherzer-Germany, Martin-USA, Spirit-USA, VMI-Germany, Vito-USA, Lewis & Son USA, Noblet-USA, buffet Crampon-France, Henri Selmer-France, Shires-USA, Melton-Germany, B & S Germany, Fox-USA F. Loree, Cerveny-Czech, Amati-Czech, avant-USA, Benge-USA, Emerson-USA, Glaesel -USA, Holton-USA, Hans Hoyer-Germany, Vandoren-France, Rubner-Germany, Strunal-Czech, K & M Germany, BG-France, Pirastro-Germany, Thomastik-Austria, Witner-Germany, Bow Brand-UK, Croatia-Slavonia, Croatia-Postonjski, Orange UK, Adams-Holland, Majestic-Holland, Gator-USA, Paiste-Switzerland-Turkey Istanbul Mehmet, tycoon-Thailand-USA Vic Firth, Remo-USA, USA-Elektroharmonix , Alpine Hear Safe-Holland, FBT-Italy-UK Rotosound, La "White-USA, Savarez-France D 'Addario-USA.

b/ INOVA - INOVA is a traditional national exhibition of inventions which since 1971 regularly testifies to the greatest successes of Croatian inventive work. INOVA is a mover and a symbol of innovation in Croatia.

November 14-17, 2013

a/ WINTER SHOW - International fair of skiing, winter sports, outdoor activities and supporting industries
This year, the fair should prepare a more attractive program of lectures, competitions, fashion shows, contests and a presentation of new sports technology and engineering, and learning to ski and snowboard school.

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